Heat Pumps

When it’s time to buy a heating or cooling system for a new construction project or to TR_XV20i_heatpump - Mediumreplace an existing system, many customers are choosing a hybrid split system using a high efficiency Heat Pump in conjunction with a new or existing variable speed gas furnace.  This smart system switches back and forth to whichever source is most efficient for your comfort.  The high efficiency Heat Pump is able to draw enough heat from the air to keep your home or facility warm and comfortable well into winter.  But when ambient air conditions turn too cool for that, your smart system automatically switches to your fossil fuel furnace as the more efficient heat source at that point.  Then, when winter is over and temperatures rise, the system reverses itself and pumps excess heat out of your home or facility, providing cool comfortable living and working conditions with greater efficiency and savings.  This year-round comfort and efficiency can help save you money and extend the life of your system and is a good choice for the environment.  Call us today for more information about heat pumps or to schedule for professional service or installations.